March 1st, 2022

Moon Equity Holdings Corp. Details Milestones in the Development & Launch of its BitGift® Product Delray Beach, FL, March 2, 2022 —

Moon Equity Holdings Corp. (OTC symbol MONI) is proud to announce significant accomplishments by our programmers towards launching BitGift®.  The BitGift® website was designed with industry-brand-new ability to gift cryptocurrency and to host a hot wallet for all users among many other unique features.  Our programmers are currently in the process of developing a BitGift® mobile application which will soon be made available for iOS and Android users.  Gifting crypto on our new website and mobile app will be a seamless experience for all users.  CEO, Alison Galardi commented, “We feel that The BitGift® product will provide sources of revenue from both B2B and B2C audiences as a marketplace for users to engage with additional products and services.”  Additionally, social media and marketing efforts are already underway to brand the BitGift® name; the company will have further updates to follow which will include details of the company’s new partners launch plans and global expansion plans to North America, South America, Europe & Asia.

‘’BitGift®is committed to giving you an effortless, refined, and secure way to gift crypto and store crypto investments.’’

-The BitGift® Team

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At the forefront of our mission, we aspire to help people feel secure while entering the rapidly expanding market of cryptocurrency. We instill confidence in new crypto investors. BitGift was created with flexibility, liquidity and security in mind. Our goal is to diminish the insecurities that revolve around entering and investing in the crypto market. Because we provide a platform for education about cryptocurrency, it allows BitGift investors to have full control and flexibility in how they choose to invest their capital.
BitGift is committed to giving you an effortless, refined, and secure way to gift crypto and store crypto investments. Our product is built with a security-first mindset; we have a solid foundation that ensures secure data protection, which is encrypted at rest and in flight. Our team works around the clock to provide you with the best options and choices and we look forward to earning and maintaining your trust.